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How to keep progress for bread baking oven?

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Study is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind.

This also is our factory’s slogan. Keeping progress for products is the only way to meet different market’s demand. Besides there is the main reason why our products can be hot selling always.

Deck oven is our main product, we have various type of oven, such as deck oven, convection oven, rotary oven, roasted duck oven, etc. For energy source, there are electric/gas/diesel oil for choice. For deck oven capacity, it’s from 1 deck to 4decks, 1tray to 16trays. However, different oven will get different baking effect. Today i will choose one type of oven and share its machine details to you. This type of oven is used for star hotel, chain baking store, high – end restaurant, etc. Let see, why luxury oven can be hot selling and how to keep progress for it?


Using professional Trumpf laser cutting for cutting metal plate, YAWEI bending equipment for bending metal plate. Both of equipment can make sure precise on size and make full use of raw material. Keeping more smoothly and perfect outline.

deck oven workshop

Compared traditional factory simply connection for metal plate, our chamber of oven is very firmed, we have doubled welded for it, not only can make it stronger but also keep smoothly and tidy for oven appearance. Honestly 90% parts is processed by ourselves, each procedure is designed and processed by experienced engineers and workers. They can control the quality well and adjust production details or requirement according to actual situation.

golden chef factory

golden chef workshop

golden chef deck oven

For the chamber, our standard material is aluminum-plated plate, still have stainless steel material for choice. You can choose material according to your market’s demand.

If you pay attention on bread baking effect before, you would find some breads that cannot bake evenly. Let me tell you why caused that, please look at our burner, burner will be produced by drilling equipment, there are more than 1000holes on burner so as to make sure chamber temperature evenly.  Only chamber temperature is balanced that can bake breads evenly.


Except for that, our heat insulation cotton also needs to use good quality fiber glass and keep enough thickness. If using bad quality for heat insulation cotton will be harmful to worker’s health after breathing and touching for long time.

In addition, thick heat insulation cotton can be for protecting electronic parts and strengthen heat insulation effect, which is good way to prolong oven life.

Luxury oven can match steam pockets and marble stone plate if you need. Each small details be perfected so that can get better and better baking effect.

luxury oven

luxury oven

Through complex and detailed processing, we will have strict QC testing for oven so that all the oven is in good condition before delivering.

Let see, the final finished product–Luxury oven

luxury oven

luxury oven

luxury oven bread

In order to know oven well and sell oven in the better way, our company also organized activities for salesman. They joined in mixing flour and baked breads, meanwhile, our chef also gave instruction for them to know oven well and how to set time & temperature then get better baking effect. Only we understand the oven well so that can sell oven well. Now I think you also get the answer why Golden chef can produce good quality machine and can make machine keep hot selling.

We still will keep developing our machine and listen to different client’s request. How to keep progress always? Start to perfect each details following market’s demand.

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