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Sweeten Up Your Business: Check Out Our Bakery Equipment at the Canton Fair 2023

We are excited to announce our upcoming exhibition plan for the year 2023! Our team will be participating in three major trade fairs to showcase our latest bakery equipment and innovations. We warmly invite our customers and partners to visit our booths and get a first-hand experience of our offerings. Our first stop is at […]

2023 Canton Fair

How to apply 2023 Canton Fair Invitation online?

Step 1 Purchasers ElectronicService Platform (BEST) isa paperless, multifunctionaland free online serviceplatform provided by Canton Fair transformedinto overseas purchasers offline exhibition.     Scan the QR code or copy thisbelow to enter the Best Platform     Step 2 Then you will be taken to the following page,click on “Apply for invitation letters”   […]

Commercial Electric Fryers: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Kitchen’s Efficiency

Introduction: Commercial electric fryers have become an indispensable piece of equipment in professional kitchens, offering a consistent and efficient frying experience. This article provides an in-depth look at the benefits and features of these fryers, helping you make the right choice for your establishment. Benefits of Commercial Electric Fryers: Energy Efficiency: Electric fryers offer excellent […]

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How to Choose a Bakery Equipment Manufacturer?

The taste and quality of your bakery items, including cakes, pastries, etc., largely depends on the  equipment you’ve used to prepare them. Most importantly, in the bulk production of bakery items, the taste and condition of these products are considerably impacted by employed equipment. Therefore, it’s important to use highly reliable and high-quality bakery equipment […]