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What is Convection Oven Or Deck Oven? Which One is Right For You?

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Are you looking to purchase an oven for your baking needs, but now you cannot decide between commercial convection or a deck oven? There could be many reasons behind this confusion. One main factor can be your inability to know the working and applications of different oven types.

Well, do not worry, as we are here with all the information that you need to make your decision about choosing the right commercial oven.

What is a Convection Oven?

It is a more common type of baking oven that uses a heating element and a fan to blow hot air through the oven. This air helps in baking stuff inside it. So, this type of commercial oven brings much more options for temperature range.

This oven traditionally makes an amazing choice for the bakeries because it leaves a crispy outer surface for anything you bake in it.

Convection Oven
Commercial Convection Oven


Pros of a Convection Oven

  • Appears attractive on your kitchen shelf
  • Brings quicker baking times with a better flavor
  • Better retention of flavor and cooking no matter where you place pan

Cons of a Convection Oven

No option to deliver steam, so not good with crispy bread baking

What is a Deck oven?

This type of oven takes much more space, and they take much more time to bake. However, they are also known for their better results. Operating this type of oven needs some skill, but the final product is completely worth the work. The major difference in this type of oven is how it heats because it uses conduction heating.

So, the heat will travel directly from the hot stone to the product that you are baking in it. It is also a necessary option for bakeries.

Deck Oven
Luxury Deck Oven, Commercial Deck Oven, Baking Oven, Commercial Pizza Oven,


Pros of a Deck Oven

  • This type of oven allows you to control top and bottom heating parts separately.
  • You can have individual temperatures set for every deck in your oven
  • Better internal heat regulation and conduction

Cons of a Deck Oven

Very heavy and not that versatile

Which oven is right for you?

The best way to know which oven is right for you is to list all the recipes you will be baking. Now you can check what type of baking most of your recipes need. In this way, you can decide which oven is better for you.

Can you go with both?

In some cases, going with one type of oven is not enough. Such people can either have both ovens or go with a product that brings these features in a single product. So, the baking experience will be more convenient than ever.

Final Verdict

When you get trapped in the confusion of selecting one specific type of oven, it is always the best choice to backtrack. Here you can backtrack with the things that you will be baking the most, and you will get an answer to which type of oven you need. In this way, you will always make a better decision when selecting a commercial oven. Happy Baking!