How to Choose the Best Deck Oven? A Complete Guide

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Whether you plan on making the yummiest cheesecake or the softest bread in the town, a top-notch deck oven is a must for your baking business. Deck ovens are for commercial use as they bake more bread in a short time span. These energy-saving ovens serve to create a uniform heating environment to bake items to perfection (He, 2018).

An artist not only needs skills but also the right tools to prove their skills. So, investing in a quality deck oven will make your customers happy in the long run. With so many models and types available in the market, it’s overwhelming to decide between them. Below, we’ve enlisted the factors you need to keep in mind before ordering your dream commercial deck oven.

Type of Deck Oven

The type of deck oven you choose depends on your usage. You can choose from the following types based on your needs.

Electric Deck Oven

Electric ovens are cheap and suitable for small-level businesses. These usually contain a single deck and occupy less space than its counterpart (Jacoby, 2020). An electric oven requires little to no maintenance.

When it comes to baking items, bread comes out crisp from the outside and soft from the inside (Kaya, 2022).

electric deck oven

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Gas Deck Oven

If your baking venture is growing day by day, buying a gas oven is a viable option. You’ll be able to bake big amounts in a single day.

Gas ovens have numerous features like multiple decks and variable power levels. Since these ovens use heat from gas, they specialize in baking delicious pizzas (Kaya, 2022).

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Size and the Number of Decks

Keeping in view your baking orders and kitchen space, choosing the right deck oven is crucial. You need to get a bigger deck oven with multi-decks to cater to the needs of a busy bakery (Stu, 2020).

On the other hand, small bakeries can function adequately with small ovens and single decks (Stu, 2020).

Material of the Oven

Commercial deck ovens either have a stone or stainless-steel deck.

Stone Deck Oven

A stone deck distributes heat evenly, thus baking an appetizing item (Kaya, 2022).

As a baker, you would understand the importance of a pizza stone for getting a nice crispy pizza crust.

Stainless-steel Deck

If budget is an issue, go with a stainless-steel deck. They’re efficient but can’t provide heat as evenly as a stone deck does (Kaya, 2022).

Ease of Use

Deck ovens typically require expert-level bakers for proper functioning. Even if you’re an experienced baker, not everyone can handle the tech side of baking. Thus, settings like temperature control should be super-easy to operate (Stu, 2020).

Installation Process

If you don’t want to face the hassle of assembling the oven, electric ovens will be your best friend.

Gas ovens have an arduous installation process, but prove to be the ultimate game-changer for a big baking venture.

Bottom Line

Commercial ovens play an integral role in the baking business. Thus, it’s critical to choose the right one for your bakery. A high-level business would need a big gas oven with multiple decks. Similarly, a pizza running business must choose stone decks instead of stainless steel ones.

I hope this guide helps you choose the right deck oven according to your needs.


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