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How to Clean a Commercial Convection Oven

commercial convection oven

How to Clean a Convection Oven without oven cleaner

It is essential that you clean your convection oven and other deck oven. In addition to old food particles affecting the flavor of meals, a dirty oven may develop performance issues, such as not heating properly. Old food particles can also smolder causing smoke.

1. Make sure the oven has cooled down, this might take a while if it has just been in use:

It is very important to make sure that the oven has cooled down prior to cleaning. This minimizes the risk of burning your arms or other body parts – safety always comes first.

2. Remove all racks out of the oven:

Take out all the racks from your commercial convection oven to put aside for cleaning. Often, food is placed directly onto the racks; these tarnishes the racks for future use. Give the racks a good scrub in your commercial sink.

3. Wipe down all surfaces within the inside of the oven:

Wipe down the inside surfaces of the oven with a wet towel. It is important to pay close attention to the area around the oven’s fans. If the airflow of the convection oven is compromised by debris and crumbs, then the oven will not work to its maximum efficiency.
If the oven is cleaned in this way regularly, there will be no need for oven cleaner. Cleaning the oven every day will make it easier to clean on a regular basis. However, if you do need the added help of an oven cleaner, make sure to do so after the close of your kitchen, allowing time to air out the oven after cleaning.

4. Use environmentally friendly products:

You can make your own cleaning products by using lemon juice, vinegar and other house hold items that remove grime. Try your own environmentally friendly, and non-abrasive cleaners before using an industrial or commercial oven cleaner. For those tough stains, leaving the cleaner to soak can be helpful, but always follow the instructions on your cleaning product.

5. Put the oven back together.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned both the racks and the convection oven, return the racks to their original positions.
Leave the oven door open after cleaning, to allow time for it to completely dry prior to its next use. The best time to clean your oven is at night-time, this way the doors can be left open overnight.

By following these quick and easy steps, your Commercial Oven will always operate at its best; saving you even more time and energy when cleaning and preparing your meals.
It’s important to remember that if you maintain your equipment properly, nothing more than hot soapy water should need to be used throughout your kitchen. It’s also important to never use cleaning products with chlorides in as these will ruin your stainless steel.