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Three Layers Refrigeration Equipment Cake Display Case | Cake Showcase

3 Layers 2 Hollows Glass
The thickness is 25mm, good performance of insulation, connectedby professional technology, which can prevent the glass from breaking into pieces and hurting people.

Invisible Heating Wires
In the middle of glass, there are invisible heating wires that configured evenly and desiccant. The glass won’t get foggy and more durable.

Light Box
Attractive and extrusive light box can protect customers from knocking against the showcase

LED Temperature Displays
Both the front and back are with temperature displays.

Door Frame
Door frame is made by aluminum alloy and plastic, can prevent cold from releasing out.

The grooves on the track ensure the door close well, otherwise the machine will keep energy losting.

Back Cover
Equippedwithout screw, convenient for clean and repair At the same level with machine body, smooth surface to avoid water and dirt.

Long evaporator ensures fast cool down and air full circulation, which can energy saving and keep suitable humidity in the chamber.

To make condenser release heat better, we add filter to protect it from dust, which can ensure perfect refrigeration function, save energy and improve compressor’s durability.

Case Interior Design
The bottom is tilted, which is better for condensate water to discharge.

With stainless steel and aluminum alloy for option. Every layer is adjustable.

Excellent Preservation Function
Our cake display could make sure the cake or any food inside are keep fresh all day, it won’t turn dry or melt.

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+2°C ~ +8°C


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