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China Ashine is top bakery equipment manufacturing in east of China.

China ASHINE Catering Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a modern intelligent manufacturing enterprise. It is committed to producing high-quality professional commercial baking equipment. We have a production and R&D team more than 20 years of experience in the baking industry, combined with 18 years expert of oversea marketing team’s internation vision and concepts, We have successfully created a new brand of “ASHINE”. With more than 200 distributors, the stable and reliable products and professional services have won good recognition and high praise from domestic and global market.


Refrigerated Bench

  • Refrigerated Bench is efficiently built and developedto suit the requirements of the hospitality industry.
  • It’s lots perfectly under the industry-standardbench and is perfect for commercial kitchens in cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, pizzerias.

R134a & R404a R290 Safe,environmental and durable refrigerant Specially R290, it’s suitable to European market, which is equipped with ERP

Durable I Safe & Hygiene I Anti-rust

Whole body is good stainless steel material, including inside and outside plate | Side plate: #SS 0 6mm thickness | Inside plate: #SS 0. 5mm thickness.

One-step Foaming I Superstrong insulation Energy – Saving, 1~2C temperature difference

Smoothly and shining machine body without any welding | High- density thickness | (+2C-+8C) Thermal insulation thickness: 50mm | (-14C-~-18C) Thermal insulation thickness: 70mm

Easy to repair, save time & cost

The cooling system set is designed by humanized design, which can be taken out seperately for repairing and maintenance.

Cake Display Case

cake showcase, cake display case, glass showcase
  • The classic making cake display easier worldwide.
  • provides excellent temperature and humidity regulation to ensure foodsstored properly and ready to sell.
  • 4 sided glass design maximizes visibility,overall elegant contemporaryeuro design optimizes the presentation. Self-contained system requiresno drain, meeting point between cost and convenience.
3 Layers 2 Hollows Glass & Invisible Heating Wires

The thickness is 25mm, good performance of insulation, connected by professional technology. which can prevent the glass from breaking into pieces and hurting people.

LED Temperature Displays

Both the front and back are with temperature displays.


With stainless steel and aluminum alloy for option, every layer is adustable.


The grooves on the track ensure the door close well, otherwise the machine wil keep energy losting.

Excellent Preservation Function

Cake display could make sure the cake or any food inside are keep fesh all day. it won’t turm dy or melt.

Refrigerated Proofer

pizza dough refrigerator proofer, refrigerator proofer
pizza dough refrigerator proofer, refrigerator proofer
pizza dough refrigerator proofer, refrigerator proofer
  • The classic making bakers’ lives easier worldwide..
  • Refrigerated proofer can be used according to precise temperature and humidity, suitable for dough fermentation environment.
  • Safe and reliable, use,is an essential equipment to improve the quality of bread production.
Digital Control Panel

It can set the time to ferment, does not need to be rfifiallyl guarded. Electronic thermostat & LED digital temperature for accurate reading.

Thermal Insulation Foam

The thermal insulation foam layer adopts foaming agent in line with environmental protection standards, and the density of thermal insulation foam layer is 42KG/ m.

Cooled by Fans & Evaporators

Normal fermentation is contolled at 40°C and refrigerated at 0-8*C

Copper Tube Evaporator & Condenser Radiator
Door Seal & Casters

Magnetic door seal is easily replaceable, casters are easy moving.

High-end Material

Material is stainless steel 304 or 201, the back & bottom outside is 0.6mm galvanized steel.