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Revolutionary Stainless Steel Refrigeration and Freezing Workbench: A Comprehensive Guide

under counter refrigerator

Our company’s newly designed under counter refrigerator and frozen workbench boasts three key features that set it apart from the competition.

Firstly, the entire unit of the workbench can be separated and removed, leaving behind a metal cabinet without any refrigeration or electrical components. All of these components are concentrated in the separated unit, providing two major advantages.

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The first advantage is in terms of maintenance.

when a refrigeration or electrical fault occurs during use, suppliers often have to pay expensive accommodation and wages for professional technicians who need to travel long distances. With our design, however, only a regular driver is needed who doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. They simply need to bring an independent unit of the product to the site, remove the old unit, and insert the new one to complete the repair process. This also avoids the safety hazards of carrying heavy welding tools such as acetylene and oxygen as well as sparks during welding, which was required in the past when repairing old products on-site. The damaged unit can be returned to the company for detailed analysis and repair before being sent back to the site to complete the entire maintenance process.

under counter refrigerator

The second advantage is that it can reduce import tariffs.

After the entire unit of the under counter refrigerator and frozen workbench is removed, only a metal semi-finished cabinet without any electrical components or refrigeration systems remains. By separating the unit and cabinet for packaging, it is equivalent to two semi-finished parts. Therefore, we do not need to clear customs as a refrigerated and frozen workbench, but instead as a regular storage cabinet and semi-finished unit component. This can effectively and legally reduce import tariffs, thereby lowering procurement costs.

The second key feature of our workbench is that it reduces the refrigeration time by 15 minutes compared to the previous model. This is a significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency and can lead to substantial cost savings over time. In today’s competitive market, every minute counts, and our workbench provides a competitive edge by reducing refrigeration time, enabling businesses to deliver products to customers faster and more efficiently.

Finally, our workbench is designed with aesthetics and support strength in mind. The cabinet door is embedded and designed to be at the same height as the box, which increases its aesthetic appeal. This design also enhances the support strength of the workbench, making it more durable and able to withstand heavy use over time. Customers can be assured that our workbench will provide reliable performance and a long service life, providing excellent value for money.

under counter refrigerator

In conclusion

our company’s new refrigerated and frozen workbench is an innovative and highly practical solution for businesses in the food industry. Its unique design allows for easy maintenance, reduces import tariffs, and improves energy efficiency, while also providing an aesthetic appeal and enhanced support strength. Whether you’re running a restaurant, catering business, or food manufacturing facility, our workbench is an excellent choice for keeping your products fresh and ready for use.

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